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File: 1634831353989.jpg–(252.72KB, 1200x1080, hankb.jpg)
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is anyone here, or is this just a ghost town???????? :D:D:D:D:D:D
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i got the dubs:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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1635652775156.png–(415.94KB, 600x600, 1630167588198.png)

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1636062257350.jpg–(128.15KB, 615x926, 0_SWNS_LION_FLING_06.jpg)

File: 1636042297709.jpg–(7.67KB, 213x237, Hank Hill.jpeg)
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Hank Hill

File: 1635218253381.gif–(953.92KB, 400x300, 1291099558632.gif)
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File: 1633027883240.jpg–(149.61KB, 1280x1707, hank_jpg-magnum.jpg)
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HHSQ #1 rule 1 edition

"Why do drugs when you can mow the grass"
-Hank hill
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1633198951106.jpg–(60.09KB, 500x500, whaaaa.jpg)

¨ No.9
"Bobby you just cant trust niggas, the other day I sae a nigga smokin crack right outside of the megalomart"
¨ No.10
"Im hank hill"

File: 1633477037871.jpg–(56.50KB, 558x750, a3aa4faee5cea3b6f9b17866207742c5.jpg)
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King of the Bill is the greatest Hill that ever Kinged of the Hill ever of the Bill

File: 1632895246951.jpg–(174.37KB, 1200x675, download.jpg)
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Finally the promised land of king of the hill
¨ No.3
I want to give some genuine praise of king of the hill. I like that often media takes a more liberal and accepting perspective without any question. But the location and personalities of the characters mean that there are times in which it sticks to it's guns and sticks to a pro American stance. The episode about Canada comes to mind. Today a show like it would be hard to get on networks but this is just one of many reasons I think king of the hill is a great show.
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File: 1632875574645.png–(97.62KB, 400x400, god help.png)
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i hope you are happy, niggerman

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