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File: 1635741031040.png–(624.22KB, 1031x580, VRChat_1920x1080_2021-10-31_23-05-58.370.png)
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Been thinking about doing this for a while, I have a thing for 4chan's old characters and all that, and because a user from a game created a 3d Cancerlord and /v/-tan, why not make one of W.T Snacks too.
Will be posting multiple clear images and examples of me using the model.
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1636071315912.png–(25.83KB, 756x533, image_2021-11-04_191037.png)
The reference I did for my Black and White /b/(Anime Random) W.T Snacks.
All other references in my /b/(Anime Random) W.T Snacks will be here in the archive board here: http://dis.4chanhouse.org/comic/res/21.html
and for the "O shit" face, here's the swf link to the animation: http://swfchan.com/9/43315/?Bullshit_ending_to_V_vs_AR_by_3_Angled_Blue.swf
Here's the youtube one for those who don't know how to use flash after it has ended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=341JWNeTWXY
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Worded it wrong,
>references I used.
All credits for /b/ Anime Random W.T Snacks will be to 3 Angled Blue.
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1636205721844.gif–(555.89KB, 200x200, 3dgifmaker45231.gif)
make a model for happy negro lol

File: 1635212000221.png–(176.73KB, 3508x2480, 1a113307f2427134aa47fd9e6e86684ac3ef4556805d8314e1)
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The purpose of this thread is to show your loli drawing skill, ask for help and improvement and to promote what ever site you post your art.
Ps: non loli art is fine but try to keep it mainly loli, shota is good to.

File: 1633661383566.gif–(342.66KB, 500x281, 937.gif)
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post your art and shit. if its not YOUR art make sure to credit the og creator(pic not related)

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