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File: 1635741031040.png–(624.22KB, 1031x580, VRChat_1920x1080_2021-10-31_23-05-58.370.png)
3 No.3
Been thinking about doing this for a while, I have a thing for 4chan's old characters and all that, and because a user from a game created a 3d Cancerlord and /v/-tan, why not make one of W.T Snacks too.
Will be posting multiple clear images and examples of me using the model.
¨ No.4
1635741130984.png–(48.39KB, 601x559, Screenshot_5497.png)
Clothes of the model are not made by me, only taking credit for the textures I've edited and the body itself.
¨ No.5
1635741165255.png–(215.59KB, 425x493, Screenshot_5498.png)

¨ No.6
1635741394179.png–(1.17MB, 1920x1080, VRChat_1920x1080_2021-10-31_22-36-35.876.png)

¨ No.8
1635741738539.png–(76.80KB, 654x550, Screenshot_5500.png)

¨ No.9
1635741782731.png–(64.88KB, 704x515, Screenshot_5501.png)

¨ No.10
The tool I've used to make this are vroid for the body, blender to edit the clothes together with the body, same for the texture editing for the hammer and clothes, and Unity for the game part.
Extra credits to Zone-sama for the design, highly is the reason for doing this, and 3 Angled Blue for the Anime Random design from the /v/ rage comics, very cool to add to this version of W.T Snacks.
¨ No.11
1635742394774.png–(176.02KB, 503x866, Screenshot_5503.png)
Here's a version of W.T Snacks for a friend.
¨ No.12
1635742426517.png–(211.72KB, 599x878, Screenshot_5504.png)

¨ No.13
1635802760797.jpg–(14.62KB, 273x207, cad.jpg)
Download for W.T Snacks after work.
¨ No.14
Have fun editing my dumb W.T Snacks model.
¨ No.15
Nice job anon you plan on making more?
¨ No.16
I am planning to do moot if I wanted to, but as of now, W.T Snacks is the only one.
¨ No.17
1636070688162.png–(36.05KB, 539x427, Screenshot_5515.png)
Ass has been grabbed.
More W.T Snacks stuff.
¨ No.18
1636070738188.png–(29.91KB, 488x475, Screenshot_5516.png)

¨ No.19
1636070769956.png–(42.76KB, 726x499, Screenshot_5517.png)

¨ No.20
1636070940955.png–(77.54KB, 408x429, Screenshot_5518.png)
Not much edit around here. Just fixing the hair to better fit the 3 Angled Blue style more to the original.
¨ No.21
1636070979721.png–(112.69KB, 696x583, Screenshot_5519.png)
Other than the face.
¨ No.22
1636071315912.png–(25.83KB, 756x533, image_2021-11-04_191037.png)
The reference I did for my Black and White /b/(Anime Random) W.T Snacks.
All other references in my /b/(Anime Random) W.T Snacks will be here in the archive board here: http://dis.4chanhouse.org/comic/res/21.html
and for the "O shit" face, here's the swf link to the animation: http://swfchan.com/9/43315/?Bullshit_ending_to_V_vs_AR_by_3_Angled_Blue.swf
Here's the youtube one for those who don't know how to use flash after it has ended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=341JWNeTWXY
¨ No.23
Worded it wrong,
>references I used.
All credits for /b/ Anime Random W.T Snacks will be to 3 Angled Blue.
¨ No.24
1636205721844.gif–(555.89KB, 200x200, 3dgifmaker45231.gif)
make a model for happy negro lol

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