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File: 1640748383232.png–(727.60KB, 980x698, over 12.PNG)
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Welcome to the chill den
¨ No.2
also the reply box looks cool to o with the special css
¨ No.10
chill den more like children get it
because pedophilia

File: 1641157534562.gif–(192.15KB, 80x160, wtf.GIF)
9 No.9  [Reply]
add i2p and eepmemes it was beta in 2003 :^)

File: 1640754638224.jpg–(22.67KB, 613x572, image1.jpg)
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fucking awesome

File: 1640874388955.png–(241.20KB, 363x391, jesus.png)
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Cool, new board.
You should advertise this website somewhere and get people to use it, Boatchan's got a lot of potential, would be sad to see it die.
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¨ No.6
It wasn't even ever alive nigger, like 5 people use it.
¨ No.7
well im not going back to advertising as its bearily useful for longtime users and normally makes everyone else hate us and not even give the site a chance so id rather wait for posts then advertising
¨ No.8
and plus this chan isnt even that old so we would have to wait for actual progress

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