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File: 1636525186819.png–(478.89KB, 1202x613, IMG_9641.png)
26 No.26  [Reply]
kuz and patchs retarded child
¨ No.27
im not saying that you are right, but im not saying you are wrong either
¨ No.28
1636556918900.jpg–(286.25KB, 525x741, IMG_8515.jpg)
im in agreement with this lacking the shiz but probably not aged enough for it yet

File: 1636203883680.png–(363.92KB, 491x518, 37237473.PNG)
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If you're gonna have a guro board why not make a lolikon board too? Would fit in with your attempt to recreate old 4chan, plus would stop /b/ from becoming a loli depository.
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¨ No.14
I mean you don't want the main board to become filled with loli, right?
¨ No.15
agreed since im not near my pc currently ill figure out what i want to do then when i am ill see what ill do
¨ No.24
1636395483172.jpg–(330.89KB, 1920x1080, headcrab_jambalaya.jpg)
Its a drawing, it has no rights

File: 1636241711990.jpg–(97.87KB, 1280x720, 785efed69c56ba337b6e79b9cb7210e8.jpg)
16 No.16  [Reply]
One (/qa/ - Question & Answer) Board please!!
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¨ No.18
that's literally what /meta/ is, you fucking clown
¨ No.20
1636252076006.png–(19.59KB, 600x800, 3843838833333.png)
¨ No.23
you fucking bastard moron that's what /qa/ is you nigger

File: 1636205290508.jpg–(12.12KB, 235x198, 9270be727bf4eca16964f45026f4638c.jpg)
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Also you should like make all the text be in times new roman because it looks better.
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¨ No.19
1636251508099.jpg–(113.71KB, 567x555, 1629490311102.jpg)
also because 4chan used to use times new roman before m00t started sucking too much cock
>pic related
bring back the old days, somebois
¨ No.21
ill make it a theme once i add theme switching
¨ No.22
1636280393293.jpg–(12.80KB, 271x277, doitus4.jpg)

File: 1636171054312.jpg–(193.29KB, 684x474, 1478540870691.jpg)
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support TLS, retard. make the site accessible via https or fuck off
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¨ No.10
support https or fuck off
¨ No.11
even loli3.net supports https despite being a blatant honeypot
¨ No.12

File: 1635631740653.jpg–(96.18KB, 960x720, 1626503220437.jpg)
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boatchan is gay.

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