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File: 1634476230883.jpg–(187.48KB, 800x884, __suigintou_rozen_maiden_drawn_by_rikumaru__4f38a3)
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i don't look at the clock for a few minutes and its already 2am

File: 1634442487760.jpg–(95.54KB, 1280x960, 2413607-ev_sa16a_3small.jpg)
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what does the pussy Feels like?
¨ No.5
1634443322180.png–(247.12KB, 462x455, Tomo Dead good.png)
also before i get b& just wanna give a shoutout to FUCK TOMO
stupid bitch tomo
¨ No.7
Like inside of cheek

File: 1633223575536.png–(952.13KB, 1024x675, rain.png)
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talk about your feelings and stuff, its nice to let it out (:
¨ No.3
I has fewlibgz ,>,

File: 1633228145094.jpg–(214.01KB, 1224x1221, crying_mexican_cowboy.jpeg)
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>Heading down to the coast
>Riding shotgun in my jeep
>There's a bubble in my belly and I hope it's really smelly
>I can feel it start to creep
>So I lean to my right
>Cause my cheeks were kinda tight
>As I push a little bit I think like lit
>I thought I farted but I shit

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