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File: 1636415091723.jpg–(254.38KB, 1024x680, 1542683715688.jpg)
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why does this web site have misconfigured tls

File: 1633582169693.png–(741.66KB, 666x776, scarlet_emacs.png)
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Do you guys use Emacs or Vim? If so how did you learn?
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vim, cause i get beaches !!
¨ No.17
Emacs, of course.
>how did you learn?
Gave it a shot long ago and haven't looked back since. The tutorial is enough to get you started (moving around and not feeling awkward, etc), you're unlikely unlikely to remember most of it anyway. Then you start getting used to it and looking around better ways to do things, at least that's how I did. Elisp is superficially familiar to Common Lisp if you happen to know that, not too exotic otherwise. Though you can get quite far without doing much elisp really, if you don't care that much.
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1636240263007.jpg–(210.03KB, 1094x1111, skelington.jpg)
I learned pico and vi, because that's what my ISP had in the 90's. Eventually I installed Slackware, but my computer only had 4 megs RAM, so emacs was right out! Otherwise Linux ran ok except for X, and compiling big stuff like the kernel took forever.

File: 1633512870077.jpg–(1.50MB, 4000x2252, 20210803_211007_remastered.jpg)
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what does /t/ think of my studio?
might post some of my mobile rigs later
PA and broadcast shit
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1635592043250.png–(529.77KB, 600x900, 13413413434.png)

File: 1635103176745.png–(691.95KB, 1229x738, INSIDE TIKTOK’S HIGHLY SECRETIVE ALGORITHM.png)
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Author of the Randonautica app confirmed on a livestream that both his app and TikTok are using data they steal from user’s minds with hardware backdoors.

Host 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kUIfnbFORViS/
Host 2: https://kraut.zone/w/bmaWSdr5EStn172JqKZYL4

Host 3: https://old.reddit.com/r/randonauts/comments/pxcnd3/dev_admits_tiktok_and_randonautica_use_data/

His naivety is thinking the military isn’t using this for terrorism.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn77LzVhous [38:50 – 42:59]
¨ No.16
>steal from user’s[sic] minds with hardware backdoors.
What kind of schizo babble is this?

File: 1632949619981.jpg–(13.39KB, 200x199, Team_Shangai_Alice_Dev_team.jpg)
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so uhhhh Install Gentoo?
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1635031515685.png–(1.15MB, 800x800, National_Soliders.png)
Why wait to finish it when you could opensource it now and have some others help you?
¨ No.13
hmmm yeah you are right, but i have some peeps helping on the engine
¨ No.14
1635053998000.gif–(490.03KB, 441x497, spy_silly_dance.gif)
Where do you plan to host it anyways? Hopefully not something jewed like (((GitHub)))

File: 1633385994511.jpg–(49.90KB, 640x640, HundredsareDead.jpg)
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Facebook is down

File: 1632949061172.jpg–(19.47KB, 167x200, tech.jpg)
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1. technology and science only ok done have fun (:

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